What should a star look like when perfectly in focus?

Because light is a wave, when light from a star passes through a circular aperture (like a telescope lens) it diffracts -- light waves scraping the sides of the aperture spread out and interfere with each other. Rather than the telescope lens focusing the star to a perfect pinpoint, the best the lens can do is focus the light into a small disk ( called an airy disk) surrounded by faint diffraction rings like the image to the right. The airy disk can be made smaller (more pin-point-like) by using a telescope with a larger diameter objective lens or mirror but...

What does a star actually look like?

But in the real world there are effects that preclude seeing a perfect diffraction-limited airy disk. Some you can't control, some you can.



Auto Focus Hardware
DC Focus Motors & Controllers

Motorize your focuser with a powerful 12V DC motor driven by our nFOCUS controller for fine focusing without vibration more...

STEPPER Focus Motors & Controllers

For computer controlled auto focus, motorize your focuser with our 0.10 degree resolution stepper motor and usb_nSTEP computerized interface more...

Focusing & Imaging Software
Autofocusing requires 3 suites of software, although some vendors combine these and other observatory functions.


A consortium of software developers and hardware manufacturers devoted to vendor-independent plug-and-play more...

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Autofocus Software

FocusMax aids astronomers in the difficult task of focusing CCD-based telescopes more...

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Imaging Software

Sequence Generator Pro
Sequence Generator Pro is a powerful image capture application that supports SBIG, QSI, Canon EOS and ASCOM cameras more...

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Nebulosity is designed to be a powerful, but simple to use capture and processing application for Windows and MAC OS X. A huge array of cameras are supported for image capture and processing more...

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MaxIm DL
Complete observatory integration. Controls your camera, autoguider, filter wheels, focusers, camera rotator, telescope mount, and dome. ASCOM compliant more...

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