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usb-nFRAME Camera/Imager Rotator/Framer

Framing/Rotation at your PC
Video of nFRAME in Action

usb-nFRAME Mono
Run standalone in parallel to your current focusing system for camera/imager rotation.

(pc not included)

usb-nFRAME Duo
Focusing for your Rigel Systems, Feathertouch, Robofocus & Moonlite focus STEPPERS and rotation of your camera/imagerne package integrated into one.

((focuser with stepper and pc not included))

Robust and rigid with powerful DC motor featuring Hall encoder for position accuracy and repeatabilty

The usb-nFRAME light-weighted, low profile camera field rotator provides widely-used M54 threads (female) on both telescope and camera ends. The usb-nFRAME adds a mere 25mm to the length to your imaging stack. The high torque 12V DC motor belt drive rotates and smoothhly using Hall position encoders to assure angular accuracy and repeatability to fractions of a degree. Ball bearings and rigid low-friction Acetal/Delrin frame guarantee zero flex.

On the camera side the usb-nFRAME accepts the common M54 thread of many quality field flatteners camera T adapters, T-thread spacers, off-axis guiders, filter wheels, imagers etc.

Optional Telescope and Camera Adapters

2" SCT Visual Back
with m54 threads for direct attachment to an SCT Telescope for the nFRAME or other equipment with m54 female threads.


Multipurpose 2" Adapter
With m54 and m48 male threads, can be used as a nosepiece for 2" focusers or on camera side as an M54 to M48 thread adapter.


Custom adapters available at nominal charge to fit a wide variety of focusers and field flatteners. filter wheels and cameras

Fully ASCOM compliant with popular astro-imaging programs.

  • Robust ASCOM drivers for Windows
  • Angle positioning by PC from -10 to +370 degrees
  • Go To Angle plus 5 user defined stored positions
  • Rigid design avoids flexure as powerful DC motor with hall encoder ensures angular accuracy and repeatability
  • M54 (female) threads on both telescope and camera ends for compatibility with most focusers and imaging equipment.
  • All necessary usb, motor, and power cables included in the package.

Very easy to operate via ASCOM drivers or standalone software automatically adjust with precision your camera field. Interfacing with the computer is also extremely simple. Just plug in the USB, 12VDC and DC motor cable, let Windows install the drivers, open up the usb-nFRAME ASCOM app to connect and start using your rotator. Anti-cable wrapping at the firmware level for assurance.

Optional Adapters on the Telescope End

  • 2" SCT nosepiece with m54 threads
  • Standard 2" diameter nosepiece with m54 threads

Semi-custom Adapters avaible at nominal charge to fit a wide variety of focusers and Field Flatteners.



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usb-nFRAME Dual







usb-nFRAME MONO software for WINDOWS

usb-nFRAME MONO manual for WINDOWS

usb-nFRAME DUAL software for WINDOWS

usb-nFRAME DUAL manual for WINDOWS