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nSTEP and STEPPER Motor Kits for Camera Lens and Telescope Focus Rings
Picking a solution is easy as
1: Select Belt Drive, Ring Gear or Split Gear
2: Select nSTEP controller

3: Select an accessory
4: Download and install the software

We do over 100 variants of focusers, if you don't see yours here, e-mail us!
Because we do over 100 variants, bracket kits are semi-custom and lead time is 1-2 weeks.

Starfield photographed with
Rokinon 135mm lens using
usb-nSTEP Belt Drive Stepper Focusing
Click on image for more detail

8.71 x 6.04 deg FOV of Orion's Belt to M42
(c) Dr. Max Whitby (astroguides.net) taken remotely at Deep Sky Chile (deepskychile.com) from UK with Samyang 135mm (f2) lens, Astrodon 5nm Ha Filter, ZWO ASI1600mm cooled to -20C
using usb-nSTEP Split Gear Drive Stepper Focusing

Click on image for more detail

1: Select the Right Stepper Motor Kit for You

Motorize your Camera or Telescope focus ring with our powerful stepper motor. for the ultimate in accurate auto-focusing. Stepper motor has 0.1 degree step size. Stepper can be quickly released for manual focusing. Uses standard 6-wire telephone cable with RJ12 connector.

Belt Drive Stepper Kit with Crossbar

One belt accommodates a wide range of camera lenses with different focus ring diameters.

Belt easily accommodates a variety of camera lenses with different focus ring diameters.

Kit includes crossbar, stepper and belt.

Camera Lens, Imager, dovetail bar
not included.

Focus Ring Diameter mm

Focus Ring Gear Drive Stepper Kit with Crossbar

Tilta Seamless Focus Gear Ring doesn't slip even on stiff focus rings. It is easily stretched and pulled over the camera/telescope focus ring to provide gear teeth that engage with the drive gear on the stepper motor for positive non-slip focusing.

To slip Tilta focus gear over focus ring, front or back optics diameter has to be <= focus ring diameter.

Additional camera/telescopes can be accomodated by purchasing appropriate diameter Tilta Seamless Focus Gear Rings which are inexpensive and available for focus rings up to 92mm diameter. We recommend buying a ring one size below Focus Ring diameter for tight fit.

Kit includes crossbar, stepper and one focus gear ring.

Telescope, dovetail bar
not included

Focus Ring Diameter mm

Split Gear Stepper with ADM R100-100mm Ring

Split ring works with very large diameter focus rings and systems with ADM or Losmandy rings. As a split ring, focusing is limited to approximately 300 degrees of rotation.

dditional camera/telescopes with different focus ring diameters can be accomodated by purchasing a new diameter matching Split Gear

Kit includes stepper, ADM ring with Stepper bracket, and one split gear.

ADM ring dovetal adapter, ADM dovetail, telescope, imager and mount not included.

Focus Ring Diameter mm
2: Select usb-nSTEP controller

Computerize your Stepper Focus Motor
from your pc

Fully ASCOM compliant so it will work with popular focus control programs. Can be operated for temperature compensation with the optional temperature sensor (below). Full step and half step control from computer and display of step count. USB and 12V battery power cables included. Software and ASCOM drivers for Windows xp/vista/7/8/10.

Scroll down for package deals.

wifi for manual focusing
Fully control your focuser from your tablet, iphone or android phone



MODULAR - Buy just the components you need. Affordable upgrade path to more features and online firmware improvements. Unlike all-in-one boxes, Modular design provides easy upgrade or repair of components.


Since 2010 with over 1000 installs.  Fully checked out for compatibility with the most advanced Autofocus software, including ASCOM and INDI drivers.


We are responsive to special user needs, such as higher resolution temperature measurements, custom bracket kits for one-of-a-kind and classic telescope focusers at no extra charge.

Tech Support

Prompt. Friendly, responsive  via e-mail right here in USA with the owner and our SW/HW guru, as well as via our online forum. We've supported many remote customers in the field as far away as Chile and Australia on a time critical basis.
Stepper resolution
Gear coupling of stepper to focus shaft provides up to 9,600 steps per revolution in full step mode and 19,200 in half step mode to supply the very fine focus movement required for  fast telescopes and camera lenses.

Max Focus Knob Rotation Speed

17 deg/sec
12V power for stepper
usb to 12V power cable included FREE for use with any spare USB phone wall charger or powered USB hub to supply 12V DC for the stepper.
bracket kits & gear ease of installation.
Tailored to each focuser for ease of attatchment, each kit contains all the parts needed for each particular focuser.
Adding more scopes
User can add just a bracket and gear kit ($70) to a new telescope and move the stepper, or add bracket and stepper ($99.95) and just swap the wifi-nSTEP between them.
temp sensor
FREE  with full controller/stepper package, has its own dedicated port.  0.5 degree C resolution per measurement, can be customized by firmware upgrade  to 0.1 degree C upon special request.
Manual Focusing with focuser knobs
Gear coupled stepper easily declutched for use of coarse and fine focus knobs.
Added Weigh on Telescope

250 grams

wifi-nSTEP push-button focusing

 Integrated two speed push buttons with independent manual speed control. Position kept in sync whether moved by  PC or push buttons. 
 wifi-nSTEP focusing
from phone/tablet
 wifi provides full focusing control from Android or Apple phones and tablets using web browser.  Position kept in sync whether moved by  PC, wifi or push buttons. 
wifi-nSTEP standalone operation
Focus using wifi phone or integrated push buttons without PC

basic (PC only via usb)
Full control of your focuser from your PC

(focuser, stepper motor and pc not included)$149.95

pc focus via usb or manual using push buttons or Wifi from phone/tablet using browser

(temp sensor, focuser, stepper motor, iphone and ipad not included)

usb-nSTEP + nFRAME
PC control of focus and camera rotation
Full control of your focuser from your PC and rotation of camera for frameing (important for mosaics)

Click here to learn more!


3: Select an accessory

Temperature Sensor $19.95

Temperature Sensor--
Add Temperature Compensation to Focusing:
Telescopes change focus as temperature changes expand/contract the length of the telescope tube as temperature increases/decreases. Adding the external temperature sensor to the usb-nSTEP allows your autofocus software to and automatically compensate for these temperature changes. Unlike internal temperature sensors located inside the controller that are affected by the heat generated by the electronics, the external temperature sensor can be attached to the telescope to get a more accurate measurement of the ambient temperature.

Temp Sensor is FREE when ordering stepper motor kit and nSTEP controller together.

4: Download software for WINDOWS

usb-nSTEP software for WINDOWS

basic (PC only) manual for WINDOWS

wifi-nSTEP manual for WINDOWS