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ADVANCED Stepper Focus Motor Kits for 

Crayfords and Rack & Pinion Focusers


  •    All the features of our usb-nSTEP for operation from your PC via ASCOM through a usb cable plus integrated push buttons, wifi operation from cell phone or tablet and ALPACA  wifi connectivity to your PC through your observatory wifi access point. using ASCOM and INDI compliant software drivers supporting Windows xp/vista/7/8/10/11.
  •   Full step and half step control from computer and display of step count, Supports Relative and Absolute focusing, forward and reverse direction.
  • Store five positions for major changes in focus (e.g., camera1 to camera2 to eyepiece type '1' to eyepiece type '2'). Just focus once and save the position and a label for later 'GoTo' . 
  •   ASCOM has undergone a rapid transformation from Windows-only to a universal technology. Classic ASCOM has been a fundamental cornerstone of astronomy innovation on the Windows platform. Now we have ALPACA, a new way to accomplish the same things but via network connectivity and on any platform, even embedded controllers. Both ALPACA and Classic ASCOM seamlessly operate in the background of many of the products you are currently using. Both provide the same universal language so that any astronomy app/program can connect to any astronomy device which complies with the ASCOM standards. ASCOM has become essential through simplification and standardization.
  • •  ALPACA compliant devices such as the wifi-nSTEP can be network connected and communicate through ASCOM's HTTP/REST ALPACA  protocol. In the ever-evolving field of astro-photography where fast optics and advanced camera devices are essential, maintaining accurate focus is critical. Wifi-nSTEP’s built-in web server provides full integration into ALPACA that enhances the user experience by providing fast, reliable, and precise focusing of your telescope from an ALPACA  dynamic client as well as control and monitoring from any device with a web browser such as a smart phone or tablet. 
  • Design: MODULAR - Buy just the components you need. Affordable upgrade path to more nSTEP features and online firmware improvements. Unlike all-in-one boxes, Modular design provides easy repair or replacement of components.
  • Maturity: Since 2010 with over 1000 installs of our focus kits.  Fully checked out for compatibility with the most advanced Autofocus software, including ASCOM and INDI drivers.
  • 12V power for stepper included.
  •  Compatible with Moonlite, Robofocus and other uni-polar stepper focus motors.

nSTEP Stepper Motor


Don't have a focus motor? Motorize your focuser with our high torque 12V DC Stepper driven by our  powerful wifi-nSTEP controller. Just check our gallery to the right for popular ones.


Got a focuser that's not in our gallery?   We've done over 100 different types and variations including Williams Optics, Takahashi, Coronado,   JMI, Astro Tech, Baader, Borg, Cave, Meade, Skywatcher, Tectron, TMB, Vixen, Cave, Zhumell. With a couple of photos and a few simple measurement we can craft a STEPPER focus motor kit that will fit yoru focuser at no additional cost. E-mail us at rigelsys0@gmail.com and we'll get it started.  


  • • Step resolution: Gear coupling of motor to focus shaft provides up to 9,600 steps per revolution in full step mode and 19,200 in half step mode to supply the very fine focus movement required for fast telescopes and camera lenses.
  • Max focus knob rotation speed: 17 deg/sec
  •  Bracket kits & gear ease of installation: Tailored to each focusers for ease of attatchment, each kit contains all the parts needed for each particular focuser.
  • Manual focusing with focuser knobs: Gear coupled motor easily declutched for manual focusing using focus knob.
  • Added weight on telescope: Mere 250 grams
  • • Adding more scopes: User can add just a bracket and gear kit ($70) to a different scope and move the focus motor or add bracket and motor ($109.95) and just swap the wifi-nFOCUS between them.



nSTEP Temperature Sensor


  • Optional Temp sensor: has its own dedicated port. 0.1 degree C resolution per measurement

Telescopes change focus as temperature changes expand/contract the length of the telescope tube as temperature increases/decreases. Adding the external temperature sensor to the usb-nFOCUS adapter allows your autofocus software to and automatically compensate for these temperature changes. Unlike internal temperature sensors located inside the controller that are affected by the heat generated by the electronics, the external temperature sensor can be attached to the telescope to get a more accurate measurement of the ambient temperature.


Buy wifi-nSTEP and STEPPER focus motor  at the same time on our website and we'll include the temp sensor free.


wifi-nSTEP $209.95


Stepper Focus Motor $109.95

Select Telescope Focuser
Telescope Size


Temperature Sensor $19.95




wifi-nSTEP includes


  1. nSTEP controller
  2. usb cable
  3. 12V DC power cable
  4. Stepper motor cable
  5. Instructions


Stepper Motor includes


  1. 12V Stepper motor
  2. Focuser Bracket and Gear kit
  3.  Instructions




wifi-nSTEP Manual


wifi-nSTEP ALPACA Manual


1st nSTEP software for WINDOWS


2nd nSTEP software for WINDOWS