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Unobtainium Adapters

Our selection of hard to find telescope adapters.
Save yourself time and effort searching, the answer is right here -- and affordable!

First, the ultimate in "unobtanium"

the 3.28 x 16 tpi adapter

has been obtained!


 Threads nicely onto the back of the Celestron EdgeHD 9.25, C11, C14
and Meade larger scopes with 3.25 x 16 threads.

This adapter provides M63 inside threads to support a wide range of imaging devices such as image rotators (ie, our nFrame :-)

and other imaging equipment with M63 male threads.

But wait, there's more, see the adapter below!


Only $39.95

m63 outside to m54/m48 inside thread adapter

M63 adapters to other sizes are hard to fine. Believe me I've spent hours searching for them! Ours, paired with the "3.28 x 16 tpi adapter (above), supports the more common m54 & m48 adapters and imaging devices (off axis guiders, filter wheels, cameras).
Image at left is a placholder -- they're out for black anodizing, will update afterwards.

And if you have other devices that need M63 to M54 or M48 conversion, this adapter might be the one for you :-)

Only $24.95

Multipurpose 2" Adapter M54 & M48 Male Threads

Use as a nosepiece for 2" focusers or on camera side as an M54 to M48 thread adapter.

Only $24.95


2" SCT Visual Back with M54 Male Threads

SCT female threads on one side, male m54 threads on the other side for equipment with m54 female threads.

Only $24.95