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Aline 1.25" & 2"
Telescope Collimation Eyepieces

Brighter than any Cheshire eyepiece for a fraction of the cost. A must fo rich-field and fast Newtonians and Dobsonians more...

wireless video
collimation tool

The wifi-Aline enhances the accurate collimation of Dobsonian and Newtonian telescopes by sending a real-time video stream of the telescope optics wirelessly to your tablet, phone or computer’s web browser. more...

Unobtanium Adapters

Our selection of hard-to-find telescope adapters, such as the 3.28 x 16 tpi to m63 female thread (pictured above) for the larger Celestron and Meade SCTs. Save yourself time and effort. The answer is right here -- and affordable! more...

wifi-nFOCUS for Celestron SCT, HD, RASA

wifi-nFOCUS provides fcusing for your Celestron telescope from pc, pushbuttons & wifi

Gear coupled 12V DC motor with precision encoder provides 4300 steps per revolution of focuser knob at up to 300 degrees/sec and easily declutched for manual focusing.

Fits 6, 7, 8, 9.25, 11, 14 inch models made since 2006. more...

Focus Ring Gear Drive STEPPER Focus System

For computer controlled auto focus, motorize your Camera lens or Helical focused telescope with our 0.10 degree resolution stepper motor and usb-nSTEP computerized interface that works with any ASCOM compliant program more...

nFRAME Camera/Imager
Framing/ Rotating

Rotate your camera/imaging stack with our powerful 12V DC motor driven by our nFRAME suite. more...